2nd NS Blight Update 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

Floral bud development is still moving pretty slow across the province.

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The monitoring site in Sable River is still only at 8% F2

The Queens County site is at 0% F2.

Glenmore in Halifax County is essentially at 0% F2 with some bud swelling.

With the long range weather forecast approaching seasonal temperatures, it is expected that fields, that are free of snow, will develop quickly over the next week or so.  I would recommend growers to begin checking their fields for fruit bud development over the next week.

I realize this is not possible for many fields that are still snow covered.

I expect we will have a wide variation in fruit bud and plant development from field to field depending on snow load, slope and exposure this year.

Remember, you should begin to consider a treatment for monilinia if 40-50% of your fruit buds are at the F2 stage and there has been or will be a significant wet period.

If you look at this photo from University of Michigan Extension, 3 of the 5 buds have reached the F2 stage.  Scales have started to separate from the bud.