Soil Temperatures from Weather Stations in Wild Blueberry Fields

This map reports soil temperatures from weather stations installed in wild blueberry fields. We only report data from stations where the soil temp sensor was installed.

Data reported include daily highs and lows on the reported date.

Growers use this data to make management decisions, such as herbicide applications, specifically Kerb. It is recommended to apply Kerb when soil temperatures are below 10 degrees Celsius and the ground shouldn't be frozen when Kerb is applied.


Glenholme (NSW001)

Murray Siding (NSW002)

Keble (NSW020) 

Upper Kemptown (NSW022)

Kavanaugh Mills (NSW023)

Debert (NSW036)

Belmont (NSW037)

Staples Brook (NSW038)


Wyvern (NSW003)

Oxford (NSW005)

Halfway River (NSW039)

Five Islands (NSW062) 

New Canaan (NSW064)

North Harrison Settlement (NSW065)

South Harrison Settlement (NSW066)

East Mapleton (NSW078) 


Blue Mountain (NSW017)

Sunny Brae (NSW018)

New Gairloch (NSW019)

Four Mile Brook (NSW021)

Glencoe (NSW057)

Sunny Brae (NSW058) 

Blanchard Road (NSW059)

Blue Mountain (NSW060)

Moose River (NSW061)

Hazel Glen (NSW086)


College Grant (NSW040)

South Shore Counties 

New Tusket (NSW024)

East Kemptville (NSW025)

West Caledonia (NSW026)

Milford (NSW027)

Cape Breton

Skye Mountain (NSW0028)

Keppoch (NSW029)