Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Weather Station Sites 

There are 55 weather stations installed in wild blueberry fields under the Weather Station Assistance Program (NSDA-Perennia). All 55 stations are listed on this map. Please click on one of the points to see the detailed information about this station, including the station ID. Please scroll down and see each station’s live weather data. More weather stations can be found on the Cape Breton Mesonet webpage (

 Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Field Soil Temperatures 

44 Weather Stations among the total of 55 stations have soil temp probes. All 44 stations are listed on this map. Please click on one of the points and click on “Current conditions” to view the station's current soil temperature.

55 Stations Live Weather Data

Colchester (14)

Glenholme (NSW001)  
Murray Siding (NSW002)  

Keble (NSW020)  
Upper Kemptown (NSW022)  
Kavanaugh Mills (NSW023)  

 Debert (NSW036)  
Belmont (NSW037)  
Staples Brook (NSW038)  
Five Islands (NSW062)  
Eastville (NSW067)  
Benvie Hill (NSW068)  
Belmont (NSW087)  
Earltown (NSW089)  

 Camden (NSW090)  
Cumberland (18) 

 Wyvern (NSW003)  
Oxford (NSW005)  
Halfway River (NSW039)  
Port Greville (NSW063)  
New Canaan (NSW064)  
North Harrison Settlement (NSW065)  
South Harrison Settlement (NSW066)  
Gilbert Mountain (NSW072)  
New Canaan Bottom (NSW073)  
Wentworth (NSW076)  
Salt Springs (NSW077)  
East Mapleton (NSW078)  
Gilbert Mountain (NSW079)  
Yorke Settlement (NSW080)  
North Greville (NSW081)  
Kirkhill (NSW082)  
West Advocate (NSW091)  
Westchester Station (NSW094)  
Pictou (11) 

 Blue Mountain (NSW017)  
Sunny Brae (NSW018)  
New Gairloch (NSW019)  
Four Mile Brook (NSW021)  

Glencoe (NSW057)  
Sunny Brae (NSW058)  
Blanchard Road (NSW059)  
Blue Mountain (NSW060)  
Moose River (NSW061)  
Dalhousie (NSW074)  
Hazel Glen (NSW086)  

 Antigonish (2) 

 College Grant (NSW040)  
New France (NSW075)  
 South Shore Counties (4) 

New Tusket (NSW024)  

 East Kemptville (NSW025)  
West Caledonia (NSW026)  
Milford (NSW027)  

Cape Breton (2)

 Skye Mountain (NSW028)  
Keppoch (NSW029)  
Hants and Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) (4) 

 Dean (NSW069)  
Woodside (NSW070)  
Chaplin (NSW071)  
Upper Rawdon (NSW099)