Wild Blueberry Management Tools

Growing Degree Days (GDD) CalculatorThis GDD calculator sheet uses an averaging method (see below). You just need to download this sheet to your computer and enter daily high and low temperatures. The sheet will give you the total cumulative GDD to date automatically. The number of the total cumulative GDD is used to compare with the developed Wild Blueberry growth stages' GDDs and to know what stage your field is at. GDD Averaging Method: GDD = (Tmax + Tmin) / 2 – Tbase. Click on this link to download:


Wild Blueberry Cost of ProductionGo to the WBPANS website, then “Grower Resources”, and click on “Management Tool”, this excel sheet will be downloaded automatically. This tool was developed and updated by Dr. Travis Esau (Dal-AC). Growers can use this tool to determine their cost of production.


Soil and Leaf Nutrient Testing ServicesThe Department of Agriculture manages laboratories that analyze water, soil, manure, compost, and fruit crop tissues. Services are aimed primarily at agricultural producers.



Weather Stations in Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Fileds

Cape Breton Mesonet

Hurricane Track Information: An online map of the storms tracked by the Canadian Hurricane Centre.




Pesticide LabelSearch: The Pest Management Regulatory Agency offers this label transcript service to provide label information for pesticide products.

Product Re-Evaluation Decisions: The Pest Control Products Act requires the PMRA to initiate re-evaluations of each registered pesticide within 15 years of its initial registration or the most recent major decision affecting the registration. Decisions and updates are posted on their website. Current consultations are also available on their website.