3rd Monilinia update

Friday, April 22, 2016

Even though things were dry and sunny this week, it has been cool (until today).

That being said fruit buds are starting to really move in south west Nova.

Annapolis county - 41% F2
New Tusket - 28% F2
Annapolis County - 19% F2

Wittenburg (Halifax County) - 3 % F2
Musquodoboit (Glenmore) - 7% F2
Musquodoboit (Stewart Hill) - 8 % F2

No pins or cups seen at any sites yet.

I will be updating more sites starting on Tuesday.

I would recommend monitoring of fruit buds in Central NS should begin ASAP.  We are not at threshold in Central NS yet but given the forecasted tempertures, I expect plants to move along quickly.