4th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia - May 2nd, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

We are quickly approaching a critical period for Monilinia control in Central Nova Scotia.

There were a few fields past the 40% F2 stage prior to the wet period we received Monday and Today.  The last two days would be considered an infection period for most areas of the province.  Fields that were above 40% F2, prior to the infection period, consideration should be given to have a control applied to them soon. (ie. propiconazole based product)

Part of the reason we treat after the 40% F2 stage, is to time that application with susceptibility of the plant, but also peak spore production of the fungus. Historically, Monilinia spore production peaks as the fruit buds move into the F2 stage.  Spore production, depending on weather, decreases as we move further into May and as cups begin to dry up.

The weather for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday appear to be quite good, with sunny conditions and temperatures in the low to mid teens, this will push fruit bud development.  As of right now, there appears to be a lot of rain forecast for this coming weekend.

Farmers should keep a close eye on fruit bud development and consider treating prior to the weekend if fruit bud develop gets beyond the 40% F2 stage.

Here is a list of sites that have reported:

Highland Village - 23% F2
Londonderry - 23% F2
Baseline road (early field) - 40% F2
East Village - 9% F2
Debert - 14% F2
WBPANS office - 30% F2
Mt. Thom - 8% F2
Earltown - 6% F2

Swallow road - 44% F2
Tatamagouche Mt. - 36% F2
Spiddle Hill - 32% F2

Higgins Mt. - 17% F2

The next update will be late in the Day on Friday May 5th, 2017