9th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Most fields in central Nova Scotia are beyond the risk of primary Monilinia infections at this point.

Any infections that have already occurred will start to show symptoms on the plants over the next week to three weeks depending on when controls were applied and when the infections occurred.

Cape Breton is still in the middle of infection risk as all sites reporting are beyond the 40-50% F2 threshold.

Skye Mt - 47% F2 (May 16th)
Borish - 77% F2 (May 18th)
MacLeod Settlement - 55% F2 (May 19th)
Keppoch - 50% F2 (May 20th)

These fields and other late fields that would have just reached this threshold within the last week and a half, would have experienced an infection period on Sunday.  The long warm wet period, combined with light frosts would have made the tissue susceptible to infection. The forecast is for more wet weather Wednesday, controls should be considered in these areas.

Many fields are starting to flower in central NS (Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou counties).  As fields approach early bloom controls for Botrytis should be considered, particularly in areas that are prone to this disease.

The next update will be late in the day on Friday May 25th.