4th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

If you are above the 40-50% V2 F2 bud stage, tonight will likely be an infection period.

However, most fields are not far enough along to warrant an application.

Many fields could be ready as the next rainfall event approaches on Friday into Saturday.

Proline and Propiconazole based products (Tilt, Topas, Jade, Bumper etc.) are the main products of choice for controlling Monilinia.  Contact your buyer to see which products are allowable for their markets.

Propiconazole based products do have 2-3 days of back action from the start of an infection period. It is unclear how much back action Proline gives, but it is believed there is some.

Below is an update of fields and regions.

Stewiacke - 31% F2
Middle Musquodoboit - 10-22% F2
Benvie Hill - 18% F2

Mt. Thom - 17% F2

Amherst - 26-30% F2
Athol - 24-28% F2
Springhill - 17-20% F2
Mapleton - 11-15% F2
Oxford - 28-52% F2
Farmington - 14-18% F2
Westchester - 28-31% F2

Lakelands - 30% F2

We are rapidly approach the critical development period in most areas including areas east of Mt. Thom and in coastal areas.  All farmers should be looking at their fields to determine bud development.

The next update will be late in the day on Friday, May 10th.