New Podcast for Wild Blueberries: The Wild View on Blueberries

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Hello, everyone

I am excited to introduce a new podcast for wild blueberries from Perennia: The Wild View on Blueberries!

The Wild View on Blueberries is a podcast by Perennia to support the wild blueberry industry’s development and growth. This brand-new podcast will bring you some of the greatest voices related to the blueberry industry, sharing the latest information on pest/field management, blueberry research, market trends are more. We will identify a topic and invite the leading expert(s) to discuss it with Perennia’s Wild Blueberry Specialist, Hugh Lyu. This program is supported by Perennia and the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia (WBPANS). The podcast can be found on Perennia's webpage:

Our introduction episode is released and available for you to review:

This is a new program to support our wild blueberry industry and I hope this new addition can bring the information you need and topics you like to hear. It would be good to hear your feedback in the future and if you have any suggestions about topics or things we should discuss, please send your comments/ideas to me (Hugh Lyu, I appreciate your contribution to help us to improve our program. 

Our first episode will be available soon and our first two guests are Peter Burgess (Executive Director of WBPANS) and Dr. Lily Calderwood (Extension Wild Blueberry Specialist and Assistant Professor of Horticulture in the University of Maine). Our first topic is "Reflections on Wild Blueberry Industry in 2020". Stay tuned! 

Thank you,

Hugh Lyu

Wild Blueberry Specialist, Perennia