2nd Blight Update and Seasonal Outlook for Nova Scotia- April 26, 2022

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

2nd Blight Update and Seasonal Outlook for Nova Scotia- April 26, 2022


This is our second Monilinia update for 2022.


Things were moving fast in the last few days so we are seeing fast fruit bud development over the last few days across the central NS. Some early fields will get their first infection period over the next few days if they are above 40% F2. I have reports from growers in Halfway River and the first monilinia application has been made before the wetness period. That said, things might slow down a little bit but we are expecting after mid-late next week, that most fields in the central area would need the first monilinia treatment before another wet period arrives. Please take a look at some numbers I have from various locations.

In sprout fields, it is still early but that would give growers some windows to treat fields with herbicides, such as Spartan and Chikara. Both herbicides need to be made before blueberry plants emerge. Applications after blueberry emergence will cause stunting. From the model we use, blueberry plant emergence starts at about 270 GDD and this is current GDD information from stations we monitor (click here to see GDD numbers and model information)


Wild Blueberry Floral Bud F2 Stage

Please see the below summary table of the percentage of wild blueberry floral bud at the F2 stage. You can also click on this map to check those numbers. Detailed information is also available under the Wild Blueberry Blog- GDD& Phenology Tracker.

Table 1. Percentage of Wild Blueberry Floral Bud F2 stage

 light green (0-20% F2)dark green (20-30% F2)yellow (30-40% F2) and red (40-100% F2)

Wild blueberry production regions, NS

The average percentage of floral buds at F2



Cape Breton




Cumberland County



April 26- 16%

Mapleton (Lynn Mt.)

April 25- 12.09%

Halfway River

April 20- 35-40%

Lower Greenville

April 25- 15%

Westchester Station

April 25- 17%



South West Nova Scotia


Queens County

April 23- 40%

Digby County

April 23- 27%

Annapolis County

April 23- 28%



Hants County




Halifax County




Guysborough County




Colchester County


Murray Siding

April 26- 21%


April 25- 4.80%


April 25- 13.06%

Debert (WBPANS office)

April 25- 18%

Debert (Debert Airport)

April 21- 21%

Debert (near the railway track)

April 25- 27%

Baseline Rd.

April 25- 30%


 April 26- 26%

Pictou and Antigonish County