Soil temperatures update (for Kerb application) and WBPANS AGM

Monday, October 31, 2022

Hi everyone,

I updated the soil temperatures from weather stations located in different locations. We came to a point where most areas start to see soil temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius which brings a great opportunity to apply Kerb if needed. 

Soil temperatures will change during day and night times and from day to day still, but if you need to apply Kerb in any fescue-heavy fields, you should get ready for it. 

Kerb is recommended to be applied when the soil temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius and it is most effective if followed by rain in a day or two. Please watch our report on soil temperatures and weather forecasts to plan your application. 

Soil temperatures in some wild blueberry fields can be found at: 

Lastly, if you planning to attend the Annual Meeting of the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia, the pre-registration deadline is November 3! Please email: or phone: 902-662-3306 to reserve your spot! See you on Nov 17 and 18 in Truro, NS!


Oct 31, 2022