Grass control in Wild Blueberries

Monday, May 16, 2011

When I talk to growers this time of year, many are unsure about the different grass species we have and what products control them and when they should apply those products. Here's a quick cheat sheet to help growers as they begin their weed control strategies for the season.

Sinbar - pre-emergent herbicide (applied at the same time you would spray Velpar)
- It will control a lot of grasses but it has variable control on Fescues
- it costs about $100 per acre

Venture - post emergent herbicide (applied when the target grass is actively growing - general early June)
- works on poverty oatgrass, tickle grass, suppresses bluegrass but will not control fecues
- can be applied in the crop year as well (but 60 day pre harvest interval)
- just under $30 per acre

Poast Ultra - post emergent herbicide (applied when the target grass is actively growing)
- works the same as Venture and controls basically the same grasses
- can be applied in crop year as well, but much shorter phi (15 days) so it will control witch grass that emerges in late June and early July.
- Just over $30 per acre

Kerb - applied to soil in late fall
- will get several grasses, but fescue is the main target
- $200 per acre
- given time of year and cost, the grower needs to be sure they have fescue and it is severe enough to justify an application
Fescue grass

Velpar - pre-emergent herbicide
- does still control a lot of grasses, but many fields have one or two species that are Velpar tolerant
- It still does control a lot of broadleaf weeds as well.
- This is still a critical herbicide for the industry
- $100 per acre