Monilinia Blight Update for May 27th

Friday, May 27, 2011

Special Notes:
• Grower co-operators in various areas of the province monitor flower bud development, apothecial cup development, as well as keep track of temperature and flower bud wetness.
• The decision to control Monilinia Blight is dependent on past history of the disease in a particular field.
• Flower buds become susceptible to Monilinia Blight at the F2 stage (bud scales separating).
• Once fields reach 40-50% F2 and beyond, a fungicide is required within 72 hours of the start of an infection period.
• This application will provide 7-10 days protection.
• Refer to Monilinia factsheets for pictures of the F2 stage and temperature and wetness requirements for an infection period.

Location and Bud Stage in Later Developing Areas - Cape Breton
Keppoch - above 40-50% F2
Mira - above 40-50% F2
Foot Cape - above 75-85% F2

Most of Cape Breton is at or above the critical 40-50% F2 stage and controls should be applied if a wet period is forecast.

Through most of mainland Nova Scotia, we have passed the critical stage for monilinia blight control. All monitored mummy berry plots have been dried up for close to a week. Unless you have an extremely late field you should not need to apply another monilinia blight spray for this season.

Over the next week or so we should begin to see the effects of monilinia infections on the floral and vegetative buds. Some early fields are already showing some disease symptoms.

Take Note:
The next monilinia update will be on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 31st.
Any questions, please contact Peter Burgess at 902-896-0277 ext 233.