Wild Blueberry Blight Line Info - May 20

Friday, May 20, 2011

Special Notes:
• Grower co-operators in various areas of the province monitor flower bud development, apothecial cup development, as well as keep track of temperature and flower bud wetness.
• The decision to control Monilinia Blight is dependent on past history of the disease in a particular field.
• Flower buds become susceptible to Monilinia Blight at the F2 stage (bud scales separating).
• Once fields reach 40-50% F2 and beyond, a fungicide is required within 72 hours of the start of an infection period.
• This application will provide 7-10 days protection.
• Refer to Monilinia factsheets for pictures of the F2 stage and temperature and wetness requirements for an infection period.

Location and Bud Stage (Later Developing Areas Only - Cape Breton)
Keppoch - approx. 25% f2
Mira - approx. 25% F2
Foot Cape - above 40-50% F2

With all the wet weather, I believe there are still mature apothetial cups present in fields, especially in later areas. Most fields in Mainland Nova Scotia are at or above the critical 40 to 50% F2 stage. Fields are very soft making spraying very difficult. Fields that were sprayed 7 or more days ago will require a second fungicide application if another infection period occurs. Funginex moves into the plant very quickly - within 1 hour. Topas and Mission seem to have similar activity.

Take Note:
Next forecast will be on the afternoon of Tuesday, May the 24th.
Any questions, please contact Rick Delbridge at 902-678-5329.