Botrytis, Valdensinia and other pests

Friday, June 10, 2011

Most areas of the province are well into bloom. Areas that are prone to botrytis bloom blight should refer to the botrytis blight factsheet for specific details on the disease.

If you have a history of botrytis blight (ie. Parrsboro area) and a wet period is forecasted during mid bloom, a control should be applied prior to the wet period.

I also have an update form Paul Hildebrand regarding Valdensinia -
"Yesterday, we saw Valdensinia infections for the first time this year on Westchester Mountain. The infections likely occurred on June 4-5. The disease levels at this point are still very low. However, growers should begin to scout for it on a regular basis, especially after periods of wet weather. When the disease becomes noticeable, Pristine can be used to suppress it."

Also remember to keep an eye out for fleabeetle and spanworm!