The Growing Season Begins

Monday, April 16, 2012

We've already posted two blight updates on the lowbush blueberry blog. Things are moving along very quickly. Soils are really quite dry and with the forecasted weather to be sunny and warm the rest of this week, expect the growing season to jump ahead. At this point we are likely a week and a half ahead of normal.

Blueberry growers need to make sure sprayers are ready to go and begin checking crop fields for bud stages.

Later this week AgraPoint will have our updated pest guides up on our website, check them out to see application rates and new products available.

Also on the mainpage you will see our beeline. Check this out if you are looking for beehive to rent for pollenation in NS.

I hope to keep this blog updated regularly, and let growers know what I'm seeing in the field.

Have a great season!