Wild Blueberry Monilinia Blight Update - April 27th

Friday, April 27, 2012

Special Notes:
• Grower co-operators in various areas of the province monitor flower bud development, apothecial cup development, as well as keep track of temperature and flower bud wetness.
• The decision to control Monilinia Blight is dependent on past history of the disease in a particular field.
• Flower buds become susceptible to Monilinia Blight at the F2 stage (bud scales separating).
• Once fields reach 40-50% F2 and beyond, a fungicide is required within 72 hours of the start of an infection period.
• This application will provide 7-10 days protection.
• Refer to Monilinia factsheets for pictures of the F2 stage and temperature and wetness requirements for an infection period.

Growers should be checking their fields for flower bud development.

Location & Flower Bud Development Stage
Caledonia - 90% F2
Victory Road, Annapolis Co. - 90% F2
New Tusket - 70% F2
Rawdon (2 fields) - 62 and 66% F2
Glenmore (two fields) - 42 and 60% F2
Debert - 30-50% F2
Highland Village - 40-50% F2
Dean - 41% F2
Mount Pleasant - 61% F2
Westchester - 46% F2
Farmington - 46% F2
Windham Hill - 61% F2
Parrsboro Town - 19% F2
Diligent River - 15% F2
Glasgow Mountain - 22% F2
Tatamagouche Moutain - 52% F2
Tatamagouche - 81% F2
Corktown - 28% F2
Earltown (2 fields) - 25 and 47% F2
Kemptown - 32% F2
McKenzie Settlement - 18% F2

Mature and nearly mature apothecial cups have been observed in Kentville, New Tusket, Athol and in Dean. This continues to be a very early season. This past week has been wet with a number of infection periods occurring for fields at or above the 40-50% F2 threshold. The long range forecast is relatively good with showers on April 28th but sun and cloud from April 29 to May 3rd.

Take Note:
Next forecast will be on the afternoon of Tuesday, May the 1st.
Any questions, please contact Rick Delbridge at 902-678-5329.