Two New Videos

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just letting you know we published two new videos related to wild blueberries.  In the fall I shot a video on fall weed idea and another on how to collect floral bud samples to get a general idea on yield potential.  One thing I didn't mention in the video, it is good to do bud sampling in the fall but also a good idea to do it again in the spring to check for winter damage. We also see that some floral buds can develop very late into the fall.

Click on this link to access all of the videos


We are very close to launching the BMP web directory check back next week and you may see some exciting developments.

Finally, the Maritime CoP project is nearing completion.  I will be developing a couple of worksheets to help growers wade through all the data.  I will be presenting this at the WBPANS winter meetings and will have a couple of meetings in April for growers who want to look at the findings in more detail.  Stay tuned for dates and locations of those meetings.