4th Wild Blueberry Blightline update

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013

The Monilinia Blight line is brought to you by the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia and Perennia, along with Delbridge Disease Management.

Fruit buds aren't able to be infected until they reach the F2 stage, and when there is a wet period long enough to allow for an infection period.  Refer to this factsheet to as a resource http://nsac.ca/wildblue/facts/disease/monilini.asp

Here is a picture of a F2 floral bud

I have received reports from several parts of the Province, fruit bud development is still slow, but they are finally starting to move. Many growers should start looking at their fields to see if your fruit buds are starting to develop.

Annapolis county - 9% F2  - 2 pin head cups showing
Sable River - 15% F2
Caledonia - 30% F2 (cups are mature)

Glenmore - 2% F2

Tatamagouche area - 4.4% F2 (one field on a south facing slope does have 22% F2)

There is a forecast for significant amounts of rain over the next couple of days with relatively warm temperatures.  For a field that is approaching the 40% F2 stage it would be worth considering an application after this anticipated wet period.  (ie. fields in the Caledonia area).

Remember Propiconazole does have up to a 72 hour back action and will protect buds for 7-10 days, past application.  Take note, only fruit buds that are past the F1 stage are protected by propiconazole.
The majority of Central and Northern Nova Scotia will begin reporting on Friday.

The next blightline update will be Friday, April 26th in the late afternoon.