10th Wild Blueberry Blight-line update

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Wild Blueberry Blight-line is brought to you by WBPANS, Perennia and Delbridge Disease Management.
The 10th update for Tuesday May 14th is as follows:

We had multiple infection periods through most of the province from last Thursday through Monday. 
All monitored sites in Nova Scotia are well beyond the 40% F2 stage.  As well, most monitored sites in the province are showing cups that have dried up or are in the process of drying up.  This means disease risk is rapidly decreasing but there is still some disease risk, particularly in later developing fields. The disease risk has passed in the western end of the province.

Many growers made an application last Wednesday or Thursday.  If those fields had a high proportion of fruit buds open at the time of application, those fields should still be protected until this Friday at least.
If the first application was made last week, and fruit buds were only at 40% open, a second application should be considered.

Later developing fields (ie. Guysborough County and Cape Breton) should consider an application if they have not already done so.  This application would cover the infection period that occurred on Sunday evening.
Note: Sprout fields are starting to pop through.  It is also a good time to begin checking for leaf feeding insects (ie. spanworm and fleabeetle) . 

Numbers for Cape Breton
Keppoch – 48% F2

Foote Cape – 84.4% F2
The Next update will be Friday May 17th, in the late afternoon.