11th Wild Blueberry Blight-Line Update

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Wild Blueberry Blight-line is brought to you by WBPANS, Perennia and Delbridge Disease Management.

The 11th update for Thursday May 16th is as follows:

Note: This post is based on information from Thursday May 16th.

Most monitored sites in the province are showing cups that have dried up.  This means disease risk is rapidly decreasing but there is still some disease risk, particularly in later developing fields.

If a fungicide application was made this week, it will provide protection for 7-10 days which will give protection through the end Monilinia season. 
For those that made an application more than 10 days ago, and you are in a traditionally later developing field, you may have a small risk of further infection. However, there is just a small chance of rain Friday and it is calling for sunny but cool temperatures through the weekend, so infection risk should be reduced.
For most of mainland Nova Scotia the risk of further Monilinia infections is almost gone.
Growers should begin considering Botrytis management programs.
Click on the link below for more information on Botrytis
For information on available products, click on the following link.

The Next update will be Tuesday May 20th, in the late afternoon.