7th Wild Blueberry Blight Line Update

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Wild Blueberry Blight-line is brought to you by WBPANS, Perennia and Delbridge Disease Management.

The 7th update for Friday May 3rd is as follows:

We are in the heart of the Monilinia Blight season in Central Nova Scotia.  All sites are reporting floral bud numbers that are approaching or are beyond the 40% F2 stage.  Remember, a floral bud needs to be in the F2 stage or beyond in order to be infected by the monilinia spore.  They also need to be in the F2 stage or beyond in order to be protected with a fungicide application.  In order for an infection to occur you also need a significant wet period and the presence of apothecial cups. 

We have seen mature cups at many sites throughout central NS, but weather has been dry and relatively warm.  There may have been isolated showers yesterday but it is unlikely there was an infection period in most areas.

Refer to the Monilinia factsheet for more details.

The weather forecast for the next 7 days is for warm and dry weather.  Disease risk should be very low. 

However, every grower should keep a close eye on the forecast and their fruit bud development and be ready to spray if a rain fall event is forecasted if they are past the 40% F2 stage.

The fruit bud numbers for this week are:

Western end of Province is beyond the 40% F2 threshold

Glenmore – 48% F2

Upper Rawdon (United Church) – 3% F2

Upper Rawdon (Rt. 354) – 39% F2 (1 maturing cup)

Swallow Rd. (Wentworth) – 56% F2 (1 mature cup)

Lower Tatamagouche – 68% F2

South Hampton – 33% F2

Woods Mt. – 39% F2 (1 mature cup)

Windham Hill –24% F2

Fox Point – 38% F2

Diligent River – 31% F2

Airport (Parrsboro) – 34% F2

Oxford – >80% F2 (Very early field)

Westchester – 22% F2 (1 nearly mature, 1 cup)

Webb Field (Great Village) – 56% F2

Debert – 58 % (2 mature cups)

Tower field (Mt. Thom) – 22 % (7 pins, 1 nearly mature)

Bridgeville (Pictou County) – 16% F2 (1 pin)

Sutherlands River (Pictou County) – 11.5% F2 (late field)

Moose River (Pictou County) – 20% F2

Farmington (Austin) – 21% F2

Farmington (Mosher) – 18% F2

Earltown – 26% F2 (1 pin)

Guysborough County – buds still at very early stages

The Next update will be Tuesday May 7th, in the late afternoon.