Recognizing Valdensinia

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I was looking at some fields yesterday and saw Valdensinia scattered in several fields.

Here's a picture of it to remind growers what it looks like.

You will see patches in the field that are defoliated and when you look closely you will see the large spots.  Do not travel through these fields when the foliage is wet, it will help to spread the disease. refer to the (Disease Management Guide ) and this factsheet (Valdensinia) for control options.

There are two main products for control (Pristine and Allegro) take note Allegro has a 30 day pre-harvest interval.

Pesticide applications and weather:

Also many growers are thinking about fruit fly control, leaf disease control in the sprout year and the possibility of Spotted Wing Drosophila controls, if we get captures. (no SWD captures reported in NS yet)

Remember pesticide applications should be avoided in extreme heat.  If you need to make an application, go in the early morning or in the evening.  Spraying when temperatures are very hot leads to crop damage and loss of control.  Most pesticides evaporate very quickly when they are applied when temperatures are above 25 degrees C.  This can be made even worse when there is a breeze.