Wet weather and diseases

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Well we've made it through bloom and we've received a lot of rain over the last couple of weeks.

Over all things are looking good but this rain could be a challenge on a couple of fronts.

It would be a good idea to take a close look at fields and assess how the crop is progressing.

Diseases - Generally speaking diseases like warm moist conditions. Many of our fields now have dense canopies, along with the abundant moisture there is an ideal environment for disease development.

Botrytis, when severe, can kill flowers during bloom and impact leaf retention in early summer.  Controlling this disease at this point is a challenge, but I mention it, as many will be seeing symptoms in their fields.

Valdensinia is the other disease that is showing in some fields now.  It loves moist dense canopies.  Look for what appears to be defoliated holes in your field.

Click on the link to read a factsheet that helps explain the disease. Valdensinia factsheet

There are two products used to control this disease, if you have it,  Pristine and Allegro.  Click on the Insect and Disease Management Guide to see rates and application instructions.

Remember Valdensinia can be transported from field to field on tractor tires, truck tires and foot wear.  If you know you have it in your field change boots and wash tires between fields.

Small patches can be burned using a propane torch, to limit spread of the disease.

As a reminder, SWD traps and blueberry fruit fly traps should be going out soon.