SWD appearing in more areas in Northern NS

Friday, August 23, 2013

We saw our first capture in Northern NS last week in the Parrsboro area.  We are now seeing initial captures across the region.

In the Parrsboro area, there are multiple adult captures in some fields.  Growers in this area should strongly consider a weekly spray program until the end of harvest to limit damage.

There are confirmed initial captures in the Wentworth area as well as the Musquodoboit valley.

There are suspected captures in other areas as well.  It is likely, based on trends in other jurisdictions, that there are sporadic populations building across the region.

All growers should be monitoring their fields.  Given the captures it would be a very good idea to check the traps more frequently (every 3-4 days).

Fields that are to be harvested within 3-4 days do not need to be sprayed.  For fields that are more than a week away from harvest, growers should consider control options, unless you are intensively monitoring and have not caught any adults as of yet.

Products registered for emergency use of SWD

Check with your processor or broker for allowable products for their markets.