Thinking about pollination, launching the Beeline

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I know it's getting close to Christmas and pollination season is a long way away, but growers should be trying to secure pollination for next growing season now!!

Winter losses are still a reality for beekeepers, but most have a pretty good idea of the minimum number that they will have available for pollination come next late May and June.

To that end we have started up our beeline early this year.  Beekeepers can phone or e-mail Perennia and we will post their contact info, the number of hives available to rent and how far they are willing to take their hives.  Blueberry growers can contact the beekeepers directly and make arrangements for pollination.

To check the current listings click on the link below.

In the next little while I will be posting the schedule for the Cost of Production workshop series.  I am planning sessions for January in Truro, Antigonish and in Springhill or Oxford.  Stay tuned!