Maritime Wild Blueberry Cost of Production Study Workshops

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Perennia will be hosting a series of three workshops that will focus on the results of the Maritime Cost of Production study and how you can use this information to help guide your plans going forward.

Each meeting will be 2 hours in length (6-8 pm) with no registration fee.

Registration will be limited to 40 per event. 

Call 1-902-896-0277 to register

Truro - Admin Building Perennia Innnovation Park (room 214) - February 17th (6-8 pm)

Amherst - Wandlyn - TBD (I will update this later this week)

Antigonish - Claymore Inn - February 20th (6-8 pm)

We will discuss the findings of the report and some of the trends it shows in the industry.  Also, each participant will be given a worksheet that they can take home and use to compare their own operations against industry benchmarks.