3rd Monilinia blight update for 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fruit buds are beginning to move.  We are monitoring three sites in the western end of the province and they are reporting the presence of floral buds in the F2 stage.

Annapolis 5% F2
Caledonia 18% F2
New Tusket 15% F2

We have not seen any movement in spore cups yet, so there is no need to apply controls as of yet.

I would recommend all growers, with early developing fields, to begin monitoring fruit bud development.

Just a reminder - For an infection to occur, the disease needs to be producing spores, the plant needs to be at or beyond the F2 stage to be infected and weather conditions need to good for disease development (wet).

Once fruit (and vegetative) buds reach the 40-50% stage and an infection period is forecasted or has just occurred, a blight control measure should be applied.  Note: only propiconazole products can be applied post infection (Topas, Jade, Mission). The "kickback" on these products is no more than 72 hours.  The shorter the time between infection and application the better.

No fungicide will protect a fruit bud that has not yet opened.  Once a open fruit bud has been sprayed properly, it will be protected for 7-10 days, depending on weather.

Check back Friday afternoon for the next update.