4th Monilinia Blight Update for 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

It is still very early in the Monilinia season, and we have yet to see active spore cups in our very early fields.  With the cold temperatures and snow today things will be slow in developing.

That being said our sites in the western end of the province did advance slightly over the last three days.

Annapolis 8% F2
Caledonia 26 % F2
New Tusket 22% F2

At this point there is no risk for infection anywhere in the province.

Again I would recommend all growers, with early developing fields, to begin monitoring fruit bud development.

Check the Monilinia factsheet for details on this disease

Click here (Monilinia factsheet)

Check back on Tuesday April 29th in the late afternoon for the next update