5th Monilinia update for 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Despite the cool weather, floral buds are beginning to develop.  Many early areas in Central Nova Scotia are reporting F2 development slightly less than 10%.  It is still too early to treat these fields but it is likely that many fields will be susceptible starting early next week.

Things are advancing quickly in the western end of the province. We have seen mature cups in our plots, so it is highly likely that spores are being released in this region.  Also floral buds have reached the 40% stage in the Caledonia region.  Given forecasted weather in this area, a treatment should be considered.

Annapolis 18 % F2
Caledonia 40 % F2
New Tusket 28% F2 (cups present)

All growers, should be monitoring their early developing fields, for fruit bud development.

Check the Monilinia factsheet for details on this disease

Click here (Monilinia factsheet)

Check back on Friday, May 2nd in the late afternoon for the next update