10th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Friday, May 16, 2014

With the possible exception of traditionally later fields (Advocate area, some areas near diligent river, and late fields in Farmington) most fields in mainland Nova Scotia are at or well beyond the 40-50% F2 stage. Make sure your fields are beyond the 40-50% stage before consider an application.

The weather over the last couple of days has pushed plant development across the province. Cape Breton is still in early F2 development.

The forecast is for warm and dry conditions through Sunday evening. There is a forecasted wet period for Sunday evening through Monday.  Keep an eye on your local weather to see if this is the case.

The western end of the province is at the tail end of the Monilinia season, and infection risk will be very low.

Most of the rest of the province will still have to be concerned with an infection risk. We are still seeing mature cups in many fields.

If farmers are planning to make their 2nd application, and are planning to use Proline, it needs to be applied prior to the infection period (before Sunday evening). The traditional products (topas, mission, jade, etc.) can be applied shorty after the infection period has occurred.

This application will protect a high percentage of floral buds in many fields for 7 + days.

Check back on Tuesday May 20th, for the next update.