11th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

All major growing areas in Nova Scotia are beyond or well beyond the 50% F2 stage of floral development, including Cape Breton.

We are still seeing mature, nearly mature cups in sites across central Nova Scotia.  Infection risk is still present in central and eastern regions of the province.

Many areas would have had an infection period either Sunday evening or Monday evening.  If Proline or propiconazole based products (Topas, Jade, Mission etc.) were put on just before these infection periods, the buds would have been protected.  If an application hasn't yet been applied, a propiconazole based product should be used in order to get the kick back control.

An application made on the weekend or early this week will provide protection for 7-10 days and that will get all fields through the monilinia season in Central Nova Scotia.  The exception to this would be extremely late areas (ie. Cape Breton etc.).

Of Note: Bloom is developing quickly in the western end of the Province. Growers should be considering botrytis management options in this region.  Botrytis controls should be applied before a major wet period and during early bloom.

Also: Sprout fields are developing quickly.  Velpar and Sinbar applications need to be made shortly, as the risk of plant damage increases as plants begin to emerge from the ground.

Check back on Friday for the next update