6th Monilinia Update for NS in 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014

Floral buds are starting to move and forecasted temperatures for the weekend will speed the process on. I expect many fields will be approaching the 40% F2 stage by early next week.

The floral bud numbers from various sites are:

Caledonia -  50% F2
New Tusket - 40% F2
Annapolis - 26% F2

Athol - 11% F2
Oxford - 5% F2
Westchester - 6% F2
Mt. Pleasant - 10% F2
Windham Hill - 8% F2
Farmington - 0% F2

Glenmore - early field - 30% F2; later field - 15% F2

East side of Foley Mt. - 20% F2

Antigonish area - <5% F2

Kemptown - 11% F2
Earltown - 10% F2

Remember floral buds need to be at the F2 stage or beyond in order to be infected.  The disease also needs to be producing spores and you need wet conditions.

If a field has a history of disease it is highly likely that spore cups are starting to mature. 

It is best to time the first application around the 40% F2 stage, if a significant wet period is forecasted.  The warmer the temperature the shorter the wet period needs to be in order to cause and infection period.

Also it is important to remember field orientation, soil type and snow cover can greatly affect the speed of development of your fields.  An exposed south facing field may reach the susceptible stage (40% F2) several days earlier than a more sheltered field close by.  Application timing is critical for this disease.

Monitor fields closely

Check back Tuesday for the next update.