7th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We are slowly moving into blight season.  we are seeing sporadic floral bud development across central NS (Colchester and Cumberland Counties).

It is very important for growers to look at their own fields to see what stage they are at.

All fields in the western end of the province are beyond the 40-50% F2 Stage. 

There was an infection period yesterday and any fields at or beyond the 40% F2 stage should consider an application.

Here some numbers from fields around central NS:

Athol - 31% F2
Farmington - 8% F2
Oxford - 28% F2  - one nearly mature cup present
Westchester - 9% F2

Dean - 9% F2
Dean - 16% F2
Milne Mountain - 20% F2
Glenmore - 40% F2

Lornevale - 74% F2
Murray siding - 43% F2
Portepique - 28% F2
Highland Village - 18% F2

Northriver - 5% F2

Kemptown (late field) - 9% F2
Kemptown - 23% F2  (early field)
Earltown - 16.6 % F2

I hope to have sites reporting from the Parrsboro shore area and Pictou County and east in the next update

Check back on Friday in the late afternoon for the next update.