8th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fruit bud development is still very sporadic.  Some fields are at the 40% F2 stage while fields in close proximity may be early in development.

Important note on using the Blight-line: The blight-line will let farmers know the relative development stage of certain fields in a particular area.  Farmers can use this information as an indicator to when they need to look at their own fields.

Farmers need to be scouting their own fields to determine if their fields are beyond the 40% F2 stage!

How to determine F2 percentage.
1) Walk through your field and randomly clip 20 stems.
2) Count the total number of floral buds on each stem and record it.
3) Count the total number of floral buds that are opening and record it.

If the floral bud has a single point and is smooth, it is not F2.  If the scales are starting to separate from the bud and it is starting to look like a crown, then we can consider it F2.

If, for example, on the 20 stems you collected, you have a total of 100 fruit buds and 40 of those are F2 or beyond, then you are at 40% F2.

F2 Numbers from around the province: (We are seeing nearly mature or mature cups at most sites)

Western end of the province - all fields are beyond 40% F2

Oxford - 36% F2
Westchester - 32% F2
Athol - >40% F2
Farmington - 16% F2

Kirk Hill - 37% F2
York's Settlement - 36% F2
Fox Point (low field) - 20% F2

The following sites, in the Parrsboro area, had data taken on May 6 so these fields will be marginally more advanced today.
Woods Mt. - 23%
South Hampton - 23% F2
Airport Field in Parrsboro - 10% F2
Diligent River - 7% F2
Glasgow Mt. - 26% F2

Debert (@ WBPANS office) - 40% F2
Masstown - 46% F2
Murray Siding - 43% F2
Portepique - 21-35% F2 depending on the field
Highland Village - 21% F2

Glenmore - >50% F2
Dean - 22% F2

Mt. Thom - 22% F2
Kemptown (early field) - 47% F2
Earltown - 38% F2
Tatamagouche Mt. area - 22-40% F2

Antigonish - still very low % F2 development

The weather forecast for the weekend suggests there maybe an infection period.  Fields that are at or beyond the 40% F2 stage should have a control applied to them today or early next week.