Final Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia in 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The risk for Monilinia infection has passed for most regions of Nova Scotia.  The exception to this would be very late fields in Cape Breton or other late areas like Advocate.

For those areas, there would have been an infection period yesterday.  If a control was applied within the last 7 days you should be protected from infection.  In very late areas, if a control has not been applied, one should be considered.  Use a propiconazole based product to get back action on this infection.

The weather forecast looks very good until early next week, so even in these late areas Monilinia risk is quickly disappearing.

The temperatures are moving into the high teens for the next week and I expect bloom to jump ahead quickly.  Pollination season is about to begin in many areas, fingers crossed!!!