Blueberry Maggot and spotted wing

Friday, July 11, 2014

I was in several fields today and saw plenty of blueberry maggot on sticky traps. Of note I did not see them in every field. It is important to get your traps out ASAP.

SWD - This week we did have a confirmed capture of 1 male SWD in the Annapolis valley. This is earlier than expected and earlier than the last couple of years. Out of 45 traps being monitored in the valley, 1 fly in one trap was found.
We may not see flies for another couple weeks in central and northern NS, however, growers should be putting their traps out now.

This does not necessarily mean we will have a bad SWD season, but growers do need to be vigilant with their monitoring as we approach harvest.

I will keep you updated here and on the blight line through harvest.