NS SWD Update - July 25th, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Berries are starting to get quite blue and the rain we got this week is much needed.

As of yet I have not seen and have no reports of "SWD" in or adjacent to commercial wild blueberry fields in NS.

In the Annapolis valley (Kings County only), Dr. Deb Moreau has captured low levels over the last couple of weeks.

1-Male: July 2-8th
1-Male, 2-females: July 16-22nd

This is much earlier than previous years but numbers are still very low. Also Deb is using a stronger attractant than previous years, so this may account for some of the earlier catches.

It is very important as we approach harvest that everyone be monitoring.

The fact that many have had to treat for Blueberry fruit fly should help slow down SWD build up.