SWD Update for Nova Scotia - August 26th

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Harvest is going slow, as the big crop is making it difficult for processors to stay ahead.  Luckily, for the biggest part of central NS, SWD captures have been much later than anticipated.

I have my first confirmed report of single male swd in central NS earlier today.  Based on previous history and how the pest has developed in other jurisdictions this year, I expect that captures will begin to slowly build over the next week or two.

Fields that won't be harvested for a couple of weeks should be monitored very closely and controls should be considered if a capture is made.
Refer to the guide for appropriate products SWD Product guide. Always talk to your broker or processor for allowable products for their markets if you think you need to apply a control.

Fields that will be finished in the next few days are not at risk.

PEI is beginning to see low levels captures in different areas of the province, so it is finally starting to move into fields.

Let me be clear, we are still seeing very low levels of SWD, to be this late into August and just getting our first capture is very good news.