10th Monilinia Blight Update for Nova Scotia

Friday, May 29, 2015

Monilinia Blight risk is rapidly decreasing across the province.  At most monitoring sites, spore cups have dried up and plant development is moving into early bloom.

The only places where a low to moderate disease risk might still remain would be traditionally very late fields in mainland Nova Scotia and late fields in Cape Breton.

If farmers have applied a control measure on those late fields this week, they should be protected through the end of the Monilinia season.

Sites that are still reporting some active cups are:

South Hampton - 1 nearly Mature cup
Fenwick Hill - 1 pin, 1 nearly mature cup
Westchester (Kennel field) - 3 mature cups

This will be the last Monilinia Update of the season.  I will continue to make periodic crop updates on this blog and on the Blightline through the harvest, including "SWD" monitoring.