5th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Floral bud development is beginning to move along rapidly. Some areas may have had an infection period from Tuesday through early Wednesday.  I say may have, because not as much rain has fallen as expected and it is cool.  However, if fields are above the 40-50% F2 stage it would probably prudent to apply a control product within the next two days.  Fields that are slower to develop can likely wait to be sprayed until the next wet period which could be next week, as the weather outlook is for warm and dry conditions.

Here is the list of reporting sites from today

Fenwick -21% F2
South Hampton - 20% F2
Oxford - 41% F2
Westchester (kennel field) - 14% F2 - (1 nearly mature cup)
Pigeon Hill (Charles Ripley field) - 7% F2
Parrsboro (airport) - 14% F2
Woods Mountain - 14% F2
Diligent river - 6% F2
Fox Point - 3% F2

Swallow road - 17.5% F2
Bayhead - 17% F2

East Mines - 45% F2
Montrose - 42% F2
Highland Village - 56% F2
Londonderry - 35% F2

Brookfield - 45% F2

Glenmore - 39 % F2
Benvie Hill - 23% F2

Rawdon - >40% F2

Caledonia  - 70% F2 (moving fast)
Victory (Annapolis county) - 55% F2
Sable River - 65% F2

The western end of the province is mostly at or beyond the 40-50% F2 stage.  Fields in this area should be considered susceptible if there is a wet period.