6th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

We are getting into the heart of blight season for a good chunk of Nova Scotia.  Many fields are at or are approaching 40-50% F2 stage in Central Nova Scotia.  (especially by the end of the weekend).  The exception to this would be higher elevation fields or traditionally late fields.

The weather for Sunday is 10-15 mm of rain.  Given the forecasted temperatures, if this does play out, there will be an infection period.

The entire western end of the province is beyond the 40% F2 stage and growers should be treating fields based on wet periods.  Remember (Topas, Tilt, Jade and Mission) will protect open buds for 7-10 days after application.  These products will also give some back action after infection.  If buds are tight when a product is applied, it will not be protected if it opens up soon after.

Here is the list of reporting sites from today

Fenwick -36% F2 (1 pin)
South Hampton - 30% F2
Neuville Lake - 28% F2
Parrsboro (airport) - 25% F2
Woods Mountain - 24% F2
Diligent river - 13% F2
Glasgow Mt. - 14% F2
Advocate - 15% F2

Springhill - 19% F2
Windham hill - 23% F2
Sutherlands Lake - 16% F2

Swallow road - 44% F2
Bayhead - 65% F2

Most fields around the Debert/Truro area are at or beyond the 40% F2 stage

Dean - 19% F2 

Growers east of Mt. Thom should be actively looking at their fields now. Fields will begin to develop rapidly.