8th Monilinia Update For Nova Scotia

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I decided to make an early post this week, as we are seeing accelerated plant development, cup development and fore-casted wet periods.

Most fields in Nova Scotia are at or beyond the 40-50% F2 stage.  All monitored sites in Cumberland county are now at the susceptible stage as well as most fields in eastern Nova Scotia, including some in Cape Breton.  There will be some fields that are not yet fully developed, but those would be high elevation or sheltered sites.

Risk of infection is still high in Central Nova Scotia and all points east.  We had variable infection periods Tuesday through Wednesday depending upon your location.  It appears we will have another infection period Friday afternoon through Saturday. Control measures should be considered. If you have made an application this week, it should protect the fruit buds, that were open at the time of application, through the weekend.

We are seeing mature and nearly mature apothecial "spore" cups at many of our sites in Cumberland county, this means infection risk is still there:

Woods Mt - 1 nearly mature cup
Diligent river - 1 nearly mature cup
Parrsboro (airport field) - 2 mature cups
Farmington - 1 nearly mature cup
Pigeon Hill - 2 pins, 2 nearly mature cups
Westchester (Kennel field) - 1 mature
Fenwick - 2 pins

Cape Breton:

Foote Cape - 43% F2