9th Monilinia Update for Nova Scotia

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

With the exception of a few late fields in Cape Breton all fields in Nova Scotia are beyond 40% F2. The western end of the Province is likely past Monilinia risk as flowers there should be opening very soon.

The only field site that is not yet at threshold is Egypt Mt., Cape Breton (16% F2)

We did have an infection period through much of the province last Friday and many areas may have had one today.  If you have sprayed within the last week, you should be protected through these infection periods.

We are still seeing mature cups at many of our monitoring sites, however they are starting to dry up even on later fields.

Airport (Parrsboro): 1 mature, 1 drying up
Diligent river: 1 mature
Woods mtn: 1 drying up
Fenwick: 1 nearly mature
Westchester: 3 mature, 1 almost mature, 1 dried up
Lower cliff lloy:1 dried up
Farmington: 1 pin, 1 dried up.

Disease risk is starting to decrease, but growers should still think about controls, particularly on later fields, if another wet period occurs.