Formed berries and prep for the rest of the season

Thursday, July 9, 2015

We are just starting to see fruit starting to turn blue across the province.  Of course that means we need to put out out yellow sticky traps to monitor for blueberry maggot.  We have had generally higher numbers the last couple of years so growers should keep a close eye on their traps over the next week or two.

It looks like we are still a little behind last year from a development standpoint, but we still have a month plus to the typical start of harvest so we may still catch up.

Growers should also start to think about placing swd traps in fields as well.  You only need to place the traps in the treelines and in areas next to other wild fruit sources (wild raspberry patches).  Place them close to your sticky traps to make monitoring more efficient.

Here are a couple of factsheets to help with SWD
SWD monitoring factsheet
Allowable products for SWD control