SWD found in Central NS

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We have our first confirmed capture of SWD in Central Nova Scotia for 2015.  It was not a blueberry field but it should put blueberry growers on alert, as it is likely we will start to see initial adult captures in fields within the next week.

From what we know so far, SWD adult captures are slow to build in isolated wild blueberry fields.  Once a field has first capture, as a grower, you have a several days to a week window to get the crop harvested, with low risk of fruit infection.   If you are still two weeks away from harvest and are capturing adults a control should be considered.

Here is the link for allowable products for control of SWD. ( SWD product guide )

Pay particular attention to Pre-Harvest intervals.

Consult with your broker or processor first for which products are allowable for their markets.

Note: We have not found SWD in any wild blueberry fields in Northern Nova Scotia yet, but it has been found in this part of the province.