SWD Update - for NS

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So we have the first confirmed capture of SWD in Nova Scotia.  Dr. Deb Moreau has reported her first captures in south west Nova Scotia.  This first capture is quite a bit later from previous years. The delay is mainly due to the cool spring and summer.  Our heat unit accumulations are well behind the five year averages for Nova Scotia. She is capturing the flies at roughly a 1:1 ratio (male:female).  Given that, when we are trapping and we see an adult male, it is reasonable to assume there is a female there as well.  We can continue to primarily look for the adult male as our indicator, this makes monitoring for the grower much easier. (spot on each wing)

We have not seen any confirmed captures of SWD in Northern and Central NS as of yet.  According to trends from recent years, I would not expect to see captures for a week or two in wild blueberry fields in Northern and Central NS.  That being said it is still important for growers to continue monitoring for this pest.

From a wild blueberry perspective this is good news as many are thinking about starting harvest within the next few days.

I will continue to keep people updated as we go through harvest.