New Herbicide Registration

Friday, October 16, 2015

Ignite has been registered for use in Wild Blueberries.  I've attached a link to the product label (refer to page 9)  Ignite label

Ignite is a burn-down product and needs to be applied when blueberry plants are dormant, after harvest and after mowing.  It does not trans-locate into the root systems of plants but it will burn off green tissue that is present at the time of application. There are many plants that are green after mowing a blueberry field.  Sheep sorrel, Fescue and hawkweed could all be present in a field.  Burning these plants in the fall should help other products work better in the spring.

A lot of work is on-going in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to see the best use pattern for this product, but it is anticipated that it will work best when used in combination with herbicides used in the system, depending on the target weed you are going after.

It will not control perennial weeds by itself. This will be a valuable tool for the industry, but I want to caution growers that it will not control hard to kill weeds like sheep sorrel and fescue by itself.