4th Monilinia Update

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Plant development is getting closer to a normal year, but we are still seeing some early fruit bud development.

Kemptown - 5% F2
Earltown - 10.6% F2
Corktown - 10 % F2

Stewart Hill (Musquodoboit) - 21% F2
Glenmore - 10% F2
Wittenburg - 17% F2

All farmers in Mainland NS should be checking their fields for fruit bud development. At this point the infection risk is low as most fields are not at the 40% threshold and the weather for the next week looks quite good with very little moisture forecasted with drying temperatures.

All sites in South West Nova are close to or at the 40% F2 stage.

Treatments should only be considered if you are at or above the 40% F2 or V2 stage and you have weather forecasted that will bring an infection period.