10th Monilinia Update

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It has been wet and cool since mid day on Saturday.  There hasn't been excessive amounts of rain, but it has been wet enough to say we've had a couple of infection periods in most areas since Saturday. We are likely moving beyond the point where we can expect back action for propiconazole products to reach back to Saturday morning.

The weather for the remainder of the week looks to be dry with warming temperatures.  This should speed along fruit and vegetative bud development as well as plant growth in sprout fields.

Most fields in mainland Nova Scotia are beyond the 40% F2 stage:

Fields in Fox Point, late areas in Farmington and Pigeon Hill are in the 35-38% F2 Range
High areas in Westchester are not quite to 35% F2
Advocate has some fields in the 50% range while a few others are not quite to threshold yet.

Most of eastern Nova Scotia (Guysborough, Antigonish and Pictou Counties) are beyond the 40% F2 stage with the possible exceptions of coastal or highland fields.

Cape Breton:

Skye Mtn - 21% F2 & 13% F2
Keppoch - 10.9% F2
Soapstone Mine - 16.2% F2
Kewstoke - 9.7% F2

We are still seeing active cups in most areas of Central and eastern Nova Scotia, with the exception of very early areas like Oxford (cups have dried up at this site).  If there were a wet period later this week Disease pressure would still be high and treatments should be considered.

In Central NS, if you have applied a treatment within the last couple of days and close to all of your fruit buds were open at application, I expect this treatment should get you through to the end of Monilinia season.

Fields in South West Nova are advancing into bloom. This photo was taken today.