12th Monilinia Update

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The weather conditions over the weekend were definitely drier than forecasted on Friday.  As a result, even though there was sporadic rainfall, many places would not have had an infection period.  With the drying conditions on Saturday and Sunday and even today, most areas in Mainland Nova Scotia are in the low risk category for Monilinia infection.

Late season fields, (ie. Advocate, Fox Point, Weschester (high fields), Eastern Guysborough counties and Cape Breton) should still be concerned about wet periods and make applications appropriately.

For most early and mid-season fields the risk of Monilinia infection should be nearly past for the season. Particularly with the low moisture levels predicted through to the end of this week.

That being said, we are still seeing apothecia cups in a wide variety of fields throughout central NS. Typically, cups are dried up once flowers begin to open and generally infection risk passes.  This year the volume of cups we are seeing is unusual.

Either way if it doesn't rain infection risk is low.